What Every Man Should Know About Looking Good

Women love to dress up and look good, it’s always been something that they deem as highly important. But for men, it’s not so obvious. And sometimes, you probably find yourself questioning why you even need to dress up. Maybe a part of you feels like dressing up is something that only self centered people do. Here are a few misconceptions about dressing up and looking good. And there’s a good chance you’ve asked this questions to yourself too.


thinking suit


  1. Why care about how you look when what’s on the inside is more important? Although that is very true, the unfortunately thing is that people often judge you by how you look. How you look is just as important on your day to day outings as it is if you’re going on an interview or date. People have standards, and if you don’t measure up to those standards, they can instantly write you off.


  1. Is it self-centered and shallow to care about how you look? While this may be one of the things that are holding you back from looking your best, the answer is actually no. But if looking good is the only thing you care about, then yes. There’s a very big difference between those two. If you think about it, women enjoy dressing up. Does that mean they’re all shallow and self-centered?


  1. Can you still be stylish even on a poor man’s budget? The best thing about personal style and being fashionable is that you definitely do not have to be wealthy in order to be stylish. Learn the basics of the kind of styles you like and you’ll be able to come up with really amazing wardrobes. All it takes is a little inspiration and motivation in order to look your best so start accessorizing my friend  — it’s time to get off that couch and take action.


  1. Doesn’t it take more than just your personal style (www.style.com) to attract women? In fact, there are hundreds of blogs out there that help you do that. However, looking good plays an important role in attracting women. This is because even before you say anything, your clothes already say a lot. By wearing clean clothes with no stains, you are saying that you know how to take care of yourself. The same statement can be said when people look at your shoes and fingernails. And if they don’t like what they see, they can easily ignore you.


People, especially women, love fashion. By looking good, you’re not just attracting women, you’re also making good impressions on people you meet. The extra effort you put into fash-onedressing up and looking your best can go a long way, not for other people, but really more for yourself – you will surprise yourself at what an impact this can make in your life.


KT aka. Kenny Trump – Designer Fashion Wear & Cufflink Aficionado